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The Normanby Hotel is not only one of Brisbane’s favourite venues to dine, drink and dance, it is also one of the oldest!

The Hotel overlooks the city at the Fiveways at Red Hill and was built in 1889. One hundred and ten years later, the grand bars of the old Victorian dame were renovated with a complete refurbishment of the hotel and its surrounds. The Normanby is entered in the Queensland Heritage Register and listed by the National Trust as one of the few large suburban hotels from the late 19th century horse and buggy era to survive in Brisbane.

Built on the site of a previous timber and shingle hotel at a cost of 4,100 pounds, the Normanby demonstrated an early Brisbane use of “Queen Anne” stylistic elements in commercial design. Elements of this ostentatious high Victorian style include the red brick faced finish, bay and oriel windows, extensive use of decorative timber detailing and a timber shingle roof with ornamental iron finials on the many gables. The Normanby is also important as one of the last remaining examples of the commercial work of Brisbane architect John Beauchamp Nicholson, in partnership with Alfred Wright.

Today, the Normanby is well known for its contribution to the Brisbane nightlife, offering entertainment 52 weeks of the year. The Hotel has five bars and many function areas to suit every event or celebration. Often publicised as “the place to be” if you’re in the market for good company, good food and great atmosphere, the Normanby caters for every body, young and old.

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