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Omni Chiropractic Tables in Australia become the leader in the Biophysics Adjusting Tables race. A range of ergonomic adjusting drop piece tables specifically designed to accommodate all ranges of spinal correction, flexion, extension and rotation. Omni Chiropractic tables are designed and built to be the strongest and most versatile tables on the market and come with a lifetime structural guarantee. They are now MODULAR and can grow as your practice grows.

The heavy steel frame used on all Omni Tables makes it far superior to the competition. The Heavy duty elevation motor on the Omni has a maximum lift rating of 500kg, and the three stage column provides Omni Tables with greater stability and side loading for increased table life. The base frame of the Omni Tables is designed for the doctor to be able to move around the table without having the base interfere with movement.

Omni Tables come in Stationary, Elevation, Elevation with Air, and an Elevation with Flexion Models. All Omni Tables have a maximum drop patient weight of 225kg. No other table in the entire Chiropractic adjusting table industry even comes close to this – most get to 115kg and then fail. With recent studies showing that Australia is on the rise for Obesity, an Omni Table is a must have item for your clinic.

The Omni Tables drops are fast and deep, allowing you to move the body quickly and easy…the foot cocking drops on the Omni adjusting tables are on both sides allowing you to lift the patient easily. The large ergonomic designed handles are easy to turn and the soft grip won’t wear out your hand. The Pelvic drop on the Omni Table is designed to drop in the elevated position. This is great for pregnant or obese people.

The Cushions on the Omni tables have a 25mm soft pillow top to provide comfort for your patients. The firm, lower layer helps with Mirror Image Adjusting. Omni Chiropractic Tables come in a wide variety of colors that will match any office décor. The standard Omni adjusting table base frame color is Black with matching black upholstery. Heights of the Omni tables range from 50, 55 to 60 cm they also have a 5cm adjustable foot on the bottom.

The Omni adjusting elevation tables height range from a 50 cm start height up to 80cm. The chest cushion has a unique removable piece to double as a face rest for children; this means no more asking the patient to move up and down the table. The Cervical head piece on the Omni Table is a work of engineering. The tables cervical section moves effortlessly in all the directions required for Mirror Image adjusting.

The Omni head piece moves laterally, rotates left to right, and offers flexion and Extension. The Omni Table offers a forward and backward toggle cervical drop and elevation. With all these features on the cervical head piece you can see why the Omni adjusting tables cervical is such the leader in cervical adjusting techniques.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Special Offer:
Omni Total Drop Stationary usually $6495, now only $5995 save $500

Free Parking
We have both on-street and off-street parking facilities

How the Omni Chiropractic Table benefits the Doctor?
The Omni Table is designed to make things less stressful for the doctor. It allows the doctor to be able to Pre-stress the body before using the drop sections and putting the patient’s body into motion. It also allows the doctor to use leverage to get better adjustment. The Omni Chiropractic Table is a narrower table to allow the doctor to get closer to the patient midline. Once you are aware of the full potential of the Omni Table your head will spin with the possibilities this means for your patients. By elevating the pelvic section it allows the patient’s body to fall into a more natural position rather than a unnatural position from their body mass and a flat table. The Omni Table head piece is a piece of art in itself and the possibilities it provides are many. It has a true toggle drop section and forward drop function by repositioning and extending the head piece forward which will give a different line of drive. It also rotates and translates laterally, flexes and extends effectively. Not only that. The Omni Table is also built to last for such a long time. The head piece is also designed to handle extremity adjusting. The versatility of the headpiece allows it to cater for most extremity adjusting. It is a gentle extremity adjusting tool which will meet all your patients’ needs. The head piece is removable which makes it easy to move the table and get it into to tight spaces. The height adjustable head piece ranges from 175mm above the thoracic section to slightly lower than the thoracic section. You can take the removable thoracic mid section away to create an extended face slot.This helps position some adults and is especially beneficial for children. The thoracic section can also be raised to reduce stress to the patient and the doctor for anterior thoracic adjustments. Therefore you do not have to lean as far over the patient resulting in less stress for all. The foot piece extends and retracts to accommodate all patient heights. The versatility and adaptability of our chiropractic tables allows the doctor to do mirror imaging adjusting without use of additional foam pads and blocks. The Omni Table benefits you as a chiropractor. In addition, it will suit all techniques and is able to handle a myriad of needs – allowing you to offer your patients the best possible corrective care.
How to help your Omni Chiropractic Tables stay clean
Studies have established that chiropractic tables usually test positive for contaminants and pathogens such as bacteria and microbes. This can pose an eminent threat to your practice as a chiropractor. If your chiropractic tables are not as disinfected as it should be, your patients might acquire certain diseases caused by pathogens on your treatment table. You definitely wouldn’t want that. As such, it is very important that you thoroughly see to it that your chiropractic tables are free of those harmful contaminants. This helps ensure patients that they are absolutely safe as they undergo the treatment. To help you in keeping your Omni Chiropractic Tables clean and safe, here are a few important tips. Know Your Omni Chiropractic Tables In order for you to clean your Omni Tables in such a way that it goes undamaged, it is important that you are familiar with the materials used in these chiropractic tables. These tables are made of high-quality vinyl and not leather. Hence, when preparing to clean your Omni Chiropractic Tables, you need not condition the vinyl like you do with leather. Vinyl is a very tough and resilient material. If maintained properly, your Omni Tables can last for a long time. With this, you can easily save up on upholstery repairs and even buying new treatment tables. The Process Of Cleaning Omni Chiropractic Tables First, you can start by using a vacuum to get rid of the solid and liquid particles on the table. Then you can apply a solution of mild dish detergent and water using a soft cloth or sponge. You should not use any harsh and abrasive cleaning solvents on your Omni Tables as these cleaning agents will definitely damage the vinyl. You can use mild, multipurpose cleaners. These substances do not only clean the surface of your Omni Tables. They are also able to disinfect it and leave a pleasant scent that your clients will surely enjoy. One thing to remember before using multipurpose cleaners is to test it on a hidden part your your treatment table. This lets you see how these cleaning substances will affect the vinyl. You must do all of these consistently. A particular study even suggests that chiropractors should clean and disinfect at the start of the day, at the middle, at the end, and at times that you think you need to do so. Also, hand washing and sanitizing protocol is also strongly advised. The Best Chiropractic Adjustment Tables In Australia Omni Chiropractic Tables has fast become the leader in the Biophysics Adjusting Tables race. Then again, they can only perform at their finest if you can actually maintain them properly. Cleanliness is a big part of all these. If you can make sure that your Omni Chiropractic Tables are always clean and disinfected, you keep your clients safe. This is consistent with our aim to guide them towards their optimum wellness. For more information about the chiropractic secret weapon and how you can keep it clean and last longer, contact us today at Omni Tables. We have been serving the chiropractic profession with our quality products for over 30 years – Since 1979.

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