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100% Australian owned and operated, all our operations are all run in house. Although our mitts are designed in Australia we use overseas partners to manufacture of products.

Our brand is about being affluent, elegant and simplistic. Pending registered trademark our brand is about setting trends in skincare for the body. We deliver our products globally to consumers and stockists to ensure everyone has the opportunity the experience the magic of our mitts.

All partners and stockists we work with are carefully selected to ensure our brand experience is replicated across all distribution channels ensuring the consumer has the same experience irrespective of where our products have been purchased.

Our mitts have been inspired by the traditional exfoliating cloths used in the traditional bath houses of Turkey.

What’s essentially different about our mitts is that they have been made using 100% natural tree cellulose fibres.

Although our mitts perform the same outcome found in the Turkish bath houses,
what’s uniquely different about our mitts is that we have crafted them specifically to be soft, gentle on skin and with a range available for varying skin types.

To cater for busy lifestyles, our mitts work in minimum time requiring only 3 minutes of steaming (compared to 15 minutes) in the bath or shower.
To ensure the simplicity of our mitts, we have manufactured them to be used with warm water only while the bath houses traditionally use soap prior to exfoliating.

We don’t believe in mass production and weave each range of textured fabric to perfection with our secret weaving technique.

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  • Address 430 Little Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

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