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Approve IT HQ is all about connecting you with the best building consultants through technology by helping you select the right people for the task with a little extra relief that you don’t have to rely on your old uncle Bob recalling that builder he used seven years ago.

Now, instead of searching the massive haystack of the internet, the phone book, or a trade show, hoping to find just the consultant with the needle-sharp insight to tackle your unique project, you can simply bookmark Approve IT HQ and have access to a searchable data base of reliable, pre-screened, industry experts. Too easy!

Approve it HQ is designed to reduce the workload for builders by streamlining the quotation process and council reporting making it simpler to find the right consultant with the right qualification to suit the job criteria and get the project up and going.

Approve it HQ was created by building consultant and business owner Michael Burford to meet an urgent need for the modern owner-builder to have quick access to qualified building consultants. Michael’s industry experience includes working with Australia’s most reputable construction companies.

  • Address U3/10 Gladstone Road, Castle Hill, NSW 2154

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